Padbury Dental Therapy Clinic – Easter Holiday closure

We will be closed for all the school holidays and reopening after Anzac day on Tuesday 26th April.

For any dental emergencies please phone Ocean Reef on 9307 4775 except on Thursday 14th April phone Tapping on 9404 7902.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Thank you

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Parent Information – School Photo Day is coming!


The WCLDC students will be having their annual School Photos on Week 3 of Term 2 by Kapture Photography. Providing we are in a Covid 19 safe environment to do so – this may change at short notice at your campus or class.

Tuesday 10 May – ALL East Hamersley classes and sibling photos (must be pre-ordered)

Tuesday 10 May – Padbury KGA

Wednesday 11 May – Poseidon KGA, PP and Yr. 1 classes

Wednesday 11 May – Quinns Beach KGA, PP and Yr. 1 classes

Thursday 12 May – Padbury KGB, PP & Yr. 1 classes

Thursday 12 May – ALL Kindy B classes and sibling photos (must be pre-ordered)

Individual Student order envelopes will be sent home the beginning of Term 2. Parents and carers please order your photos online using your child’s individual Order ID number and bring the completed students individual order envelope to school on photo day to give to the photographer.

Please note the Admin Office at each campus has NO cash/change on site, so ensure you include the correct money to send to Kapture Photography – envelopes will NOT be opened by the WCLDC. 

Sibling photos must be pre-ordered before your photo day. The photographer will only gather siblings with pre-paid orders.

Separated parents will need to indicate on your online order which parent or grandparent will be receiving the photos. Duplicate orders for one student are fine, let your class teacher know if two orders have been placed.

Please see the Parent Information flyer attached or your class teacher for more details.

School Photos flyer

Principal Communication 15/02/2022

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We have had a very busy start to the year with managing new Covid protocols, completing our school review and staff working on assessments and the setting of goals for your children.

School Review

On Tuesday February 8 the review team (director and another LDC Principal) spent the day talking with groups of staff and some parents about the impact that we have on our students’ learning through quality teaching, leadership and partnerships with parents. We submit online evidence around 6 areas with reflection, analysis and judgement about how we are progressing. The review team’s role is to validate our judgements.

As a specialist school, we have a strong focus on building and sharing expertise along with implementing the most effective evidence-based practices (this also includes doing our own research and development). As part of our community focus, we invest heavily in parent programs that support the development of your knowledge about Developmental Language Disorder and the impact(s) on life and school learning.

This big investment in staff and parents has resulted in a very capable staff with clear processes and structures linked to deep leadership. They clearly articulated to the reviewers what we do and why. Importantly they clearly explained the outcomes we achieve with the students. The parent focus group also talked about how we add value through building connections to and supporting them.

The reviewer’s consistent comment was that staff were knowledgeable, consistent across groups, committed and passionate. As the principal (and along with the deputies) it was good to hear the validation of what we know. I want to express my thanks to everyone, staff and community, for all that they do to make the school an effective, innovative early intervention centre. It is about all the cogs in the wheel working together to move forward.

Covid Update

There are no changes to recently announced guidelines linked to what is now termed ‘a high caseload’ environment. These will change when the daily infection rate increases (we don’t know when that will be). As you know, only close contacts are now being identified and required to be tested and isolate.

While we have had one positive case connected to the school, the student was not in-class while infectious. One other case has been deemed a close contact but has returned a negative test. So two lucky escapes, however, there will be a time when we will be managing a school positive case who is a close contact.

I have attached a poster from the Department that outlines the actions around possible and actual cases at school. Importantly, regardless of potential contact with a positive case, please keep your child home if they are sick. It is also recommended that you get a PCR test and isolate. If a PCR test is not available, your child needs to return 2 negative RAT tests. If positive, your child should not attend school until WA Health Department informs you that it is safe to do so.

You may download a copy of the poster;  Poster+high+caseload+environment 

School Attendance  

Student attendance at school is a critical factor in long term student success. Our students also have the compounding factor of their language disorder. Obviously if your child is unwell, they should not be sent to school. You can minimise the absences by avoiding holidays in school term times or limiting the days that you might have your child away from school. If you do plan holidays in school time, the last 2 or 3 days of term would be less disruptive than the start of term. If planning holidays, you will need to complete the Student Non-attendance Request slip. The Deputy Principal for your site will review your reason for the requested student non-attendance and will let you know if approved or not. A specified reason of just ‘taking a vacation’ will not be authorised and will result in ‘not authorised” being recorded on the attendance register. In accordance with Department Policy, parents of students who are absent for an excessive number of days will be contacted and may be required to attend a case conference.

Vacation Approval Request

Ms Shelley Blakers