Class News – Term 4 Week 6 – Pre-primary News

East Hamersley Campus Pre-primary News

The students in Pre-primary have started Term 4 with a mature approach to their learning. They have been preparing for the transition to Year 1 with confidence and independence.




We are now attending assemblies with the whole school and we have learnt how to sing and actions to Wanjoo which is the aboriginal welcome song. We also are enjoying playing in the nature playground with the whole school. The students have shown excellent pragmatic skills when trying new play situations, as well as talking to new friends.

As part of the oral language program and Literature Based Unit, we have finished exploring “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. We have engaged in STEM projects. The students were left a note from Goldilocks who needed a ‘just right’ bed. The students planned, investigated materials, evaluated to make our very own beds for Goldilocks. She came to test them and left us a note and spread glitter over our beds. The STEM process opened up oral language opportunities and students were all highly motivated and engaged in the process. It involved a problem and solution process and investigating what materials would make the right bed.






As Term 4 is coming to an end I would like to wish all students luck for year 1! It has been a pleasure being your teacher and watching you all grow and develop your oral language.

Mrs Bree Nash, Mrs Nancy Valentino, Mrs Acott

Class Teacher, Speech Pathologist and Education Assistant

Padbury Campus – Pre-primary A

We have been learning about history this term. We have a personal history and we have changed and grown over time. We have a family and this includes people who live with us or who live in other places. We love and care for our family. We celebrate and remember them. We played in our Family Celebrations Joint Action Routine to role play as a family. First, we decide which celebration to engage in, for example; birthday, baby shower, or Christmas. Then, we can dress up, eat take photos and play games. For the birthday celebration, we can dress up in party hats, sing happy birthday, eat cake, give presents, and play games. For the baby shower, we can eat, play games, and give presents. We have a ‘Guess Who? Game’ in the baby shower with our baby photos and this shows how much we have changed grown. For the Christmas celebration, we can eat, decorate trees, and give gifts. We enjoyed sharing and taking turns with our pretend families.






We have just opened the Gingerbread Café in our home-corner. We can role-play being baristas (to serve food and drinks) and customers. We have a simple menu with drinks for $5, a drink and a sweet treat for $10, lunch specials for $15 and celebration cakes $20. We have been working on recognising Australian money, addition and skip counting.

We have lots of fun playing in both home corners.

Miss Nguyen, Mrs Williams, Mrs Valentino & Mrs Holmes

Class Teachers, Speech Pathologist and Education Assistant

Padbury Campus – Pre-primary B

The last few weeks have been jam-packed with our Book Week Parade, Eco-Action Incursion and then our attempt to save Humpty Dumpty from smashing when he fell from the wall. Here we are having fun after our parade and at our incursion.






Mrs Rogers

Class Teacher

Padbury Campus – Pre-primary C

Pre-primary C have been super busy this term. We have had book week dress up, a mini beast incursion, we have been growing beans and have also been busy learning our narrative for the term, Goldilocks and The Three Bears. The children especially enjoyed our Eco Incursion, we learnt all about mini beasts and we were even brave enough to hold some!






Ms Bennett

Class Teacher



Poseidon News

Super Reader Award

At the beginning of the year all our students receive a Home Reading Record booklet.  Each time they get 25 nights reading, they receive an award certificate at the next assembly and the certificates go up in amounts of 25.  When they reach 200 nights reading, they also win a book prize from Melissa Guy (Principal of Poseidon Primary School) of which the student gets to choose a book.

Congratulations to Levi Calvert (Year 1A). Levi is the first LDC student to win a 200 nights reading award.  Super reading Levi!!!   Happy reading to all our WCLDC students.

Twilight Picnic and Food Trucks – Friday 19th Nov –  6.30pm to 8pm

A reminder; parents, carers and children are invited to join Poseidon Primary School for a fun night of activities, a concert and disco, food trucks and entertainment. No need to buy tickets a gold coin donation on the night. Come and enjoy a fun night with other Poseidon families.

Poseidon Campus – Pre-primary A

We have had a busy and wonderful beginning to the term so far. We have just completed our literacy-based unit on Goldilocks and the Three Bears and explicitly breaking down the important elements of a narrative and unpacking the story. We completed lots of hands-on learning experiences to deepen our understanding such as cooking and trying porridge and role playing the story, which the students thoroughly enjoyed! Finally, everyone applied what they had learnt over the four-week unit and gave wonderful retells, demonstrating their growth in their understanding of a narrative retell. Well done PPA!






This Term, students have been completing lots of writing tasks by applying their knowledge of letters and sounds to help them write recounts and descriptive sentences. There has been a heavy focus on looking for clues and making links during book shares. The students have done so well at being detectives like Detective Smart Guess to find clues to help them infer setting elements such as where and when or character feelings and problems.

This term we grew and harvested carrots and celery. We discovered that the vegetables needed sun and water to help them to grow. We loved watching them grow and the kids were all very excited picking the vegetables and tasting them.

Our focus in Pragmatics and Social skills has been persistence, taking turns, and cooperating with others. The students have been demonstrating sharing and turn-taking skills during outdoor play and structured play-based experiences in class. In addition, we have been focusing on problem-solving. As an introduction to problem-solving, the class had to work together as a team to find clues to the correct key to open a padlock to a cupboard that had a game for the class to play.






On Wednesdays, PPA has been thoroughly enjoying their music lessons and learning about different pitches and tempo and playing different instruments. We love Library time and have been learning a lot about yesterday, today and tomorrow and 2D shapes and 3D objects.

We are all looking forward to the exciting remaining weeks of Pre-Primary where we will be beginning to practise for our little Christmas concert to perform for our families.

Kind regards,

Alice McDonell

Class Teacher














Quinns Beach Campus – Pre-primary A

This term has been very busy. We have been consolidating our narrative skills with the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears. We have been engaged in lots of different activities including cooking porridge and acting out the story using stick puppets.






We also joined with Quinns Beach Primary in their Colour Run and Nature play day. The Colour Run was loads of fun.





During the nature play day, we had an outdoor maths lesson. We investigated the different collections we could find in the natural environment. We found collections of twigs, rocks, pebbles, sand granules and flowers.





Finally, Bunnings visited and we made a truck that will be filled with chocolates for Christmas.

Mrs Walters, Mrs Cruikshank, Mrs Allen and Mrs Johnston

Class Teachers, Education Assistant and Speech Pathologist

Poseidon Primary School – Uniform Ordering for 2022

Uniform Ordering

In-stock items are available to order now and be delivered to your child’s classroom before the end of the year.


All orders in the school holidays need to be placed by Wednesday 26th January 2022 – to be collected from the uniform shop in the undercover area on Collection Day Friday 28th January. QuickCliq orders only.

Collection times – Kindy to Year 2 from 9.30am – 10.30am.

Years 3 to 6 from 11am – 12.00pm

Please note some items may sell out, check the online store for availability. 

Please download a copy of the Uniform Ordering 2022 flyer; Back to School 2022 – Uniform flyer

Class News – Term 4 Week 3 – Year One classes

Parent Information

A copy of the estimated 2022 Charges and Contributions is available from the Principal’s News section.

East Hamersley Campus Year 1 News

Welcome back for our final term together. Term 4 started very smoothly with the children getting straight back to learning and enjoying seeing their friends. We had lots of fun using “Inside Outside Circles” to talk with each other and share our holiday adventures before we wrote about it.






This term we have a Physical Science focus; exploring sound, light and chemical changes. We are using some fabulous books to help us with our investigations and learn more about text types, constructing sentences and telling/writing stories. Julia Donaldson’s book “What The Ladybird Heard” has become a firm class favourite. She has written several other follow on stories such as “What The Ladybird Heard Next”, “What The Ladybird Heard At The Seaside” and “What The Ladybird Heard On Holiday” which could be a lovely Christmas gift idea.

We have been fortunate to get a Ladybird Life Cycle kit in our class and have very much enjoyed watching the changes happen at each life stage and deepening our Biological Science understanding. We have become expert aphid harvesters, visiting the Rose Garden each day to supply enough food for our ladybirds. Our first pair of ladybirds have produced lots of eggs which we are hoping will develop into adulthood. We will then put them into the Rose Garden to help Gardener John look after the roses by eating all the pests!






In week 2 we attended a recycling incursion and it was amazing. We learnt so much about worms such as they don’t have eyes, they breathe through their skin and they have 5 hearts! We also learnt how to sort our rubbish correctly to help look after our planet and reduce our waste. We were surprised to learn that soft plastics, food wrappers, plastic cutlery and straws have to go in the general waste bin as they can’t be recycled for different reasons.






We will be participating in the Colour Run in week 7 and we have an excursion in week 9 to Kings Park to learn more about how the Noongar people lived and used their knowledge of plants, animals and the seasons to survive on the land in this area. We read a wonderful story called “Chunyart and the Cheeky Parrot” late in Term 3 which was set in Kings Park and learnt the Noongar names of some trees and animals. We were amazed to find all these plants on our school grounds that we could photograph and discuss how they were used.

It’s been a real pleasure working with your children and getting to know you all over the year and I am excited to see where the rest of the term takes us.

Mrs Vladich

Class Teacher




Padbury Campus – Year 1B

We have been working on our counting skills and in particular, remembering to check our count! Some students have been working on place value and partitioning of numbers. We love using hands-on materials in our Maths lessons. The students really loved their “think board mats” as they collected quantities of different materials. They were really drawn to the natural materials so we are on the lookout for some more of these items!







Throughout Term 3 and 4, students have been incorporating the Aboriginal Curriculum into class discussions and learning. We have been discussing the Noongar seasons, creating our own symbols and learning how Aboriginal Kinship families are structured. The students have created a 3D structure to learn the concept in a more meaningful and kinaesthetic way.

Kinship family symbols:                                                Noongar Season Symbols:


Aboriginal Kinship Family creations:

The Year One’s have been learning about the story ‘What the ladybird heard’ this term. They have been acting out role plays with toys, puppets and body actions. We are also nurturing some ladybirds in our classroom and will be learning more about these in the next few weeks. Mikayla Lenzo (Speech Pathologist) has also been working on developing the students’ understanding of the story elements in her class sessions.






In reading, we are starting to engage in buddy reading activities and work on feedback given. We are implementing how to give feedback to peers. We say “cool” feedback is a gentle way to give a suggestion of improvement. “Warm” feedback is when we say what we like about the procedure or product (for example, “I think your letter one is very straight”)


Ms Bartlett

Class Teacher



Poseidon Campus – Year 1A

A couple of terms ago, we planted potato seeds which linked to our story. We have been watching our potato stalks grow over time. One day, during the term, we were very excited to see a potato growing on top of the soil – we soon realised it was a big slug eating all our plants. This was a perfect link to our Term 1 narrative ‘Eddie’s Garden’ by Sarah Garland. At the start of Term 4, we decided to find out how many potatoes we grew over the year. Unfortunately, there wasn’t as many as we had hoped, but the learning experience of growing potatoes was very exciting.









This term the students are learning about light and sound in physical sciences. We have been looking at different sources of light, and that our eyes detect light. The students are currently exploring a narrative called “What the Ladybird Heard” by Julia Donaldson. We are breaking down the problems (kick off) in the story, how the characters feel during the story, and how the characters solve their problem. We have been learning to retell the story by using actions. We are even learning about ladybird lifecycle and have created our own lifecycle in our classroom. Come and check our amazing spotted ladybirds.

In Mathematics, the Year One students are focussing on subtraction. The students enjoy the hands-on fun interactive games that we play to help us learn to take-away. They have also been learning to explain their reasoning as to ‘how’ they worked out their answers.

This term is going to be another busy term ahead, as we prepare ourselves for the last term at the Language Development Centre and ready for mainstream Year 2.

Mrs Rowlett

Class Teacher

Poseidon Campus – Year 1B

A few months ago, we planted some seed potatoes in our grow bag. We watched our potato plants get taller and taller – just like Grandma’s did in “The Potato People”. Unfortunately, we did NOT harvest hundreds and hundreds of potatoes like Jack and Grandma did in the story. We practiced our ‘disappointed’ faces for the camera, but really we were able to have a good laugh together about the tiny potatoes we harvested.

Last term we also shared the story “Wilfrid Gordon MacDonald Partridge”. We had some fun dressing up to retell it with our story map together.



DLD Awareness Day was on Friday 15th October and our classroom was full of purple and yellow to celebrate.


Our current story is by the wonderful Julia Donaldson. We are reading “What the Ladybird Heard”. In Digital Technologies we have started using our Blue Bots to solve the problem of how to get Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh through the farmyard to the Fine Prize cow. We love telling the Blue Bots to turn left and right and to take steps ahead. We have been drawing arrows to write our ‘code’ for them.


Mrs Vawser

Class Teacher



Poseidon Campus – Year 1A and Year 1B Assembly

Wow! What stars our year 1’s were on Friday 29th October. Years 1A and 1B ran the assembly here at Poseidon campus. The children all had a turn speaking into the microphone. We spoke about feeling ‘nervous’ and what that feels like (a little bit scared but excited too) because lots of us were feeling nervous! The children sang the Gina Williams song ‘Wanjoo’ (which means ‘welcome’ in the Noongar language) and performed a play all about the 6 Noongar seasons.

Mrs Vawser and Mrs Rowlett were very proud of everyone.

Quinns Beach Campus – Year 1A and Year 1B

This term the children have been reading ‘What the Ladybird Heard.’ We have been doing lots of fun activities related to the book. We have loved acting it out and pretending to be all the characters in the story. Some of us have also spent time building the farm using blocks, lego and magnetic tiles. Our writing skills are improving every day and we are enjoying writing about the story.






We have been very excited to watch the development of our ladybirds from eggs, to larva, to pupa, to fully grown ladybirds. The students have been collecting insects and aphids to feed our ladybirds. We have learnt about the life-cycle of the ladybird and each stage of development.









This term we have also been learning about our senses, seeing light and hearing sound. We have learnt about volume, pitch and how sound travels through vibrations to our ears. Later this term we will discover how light illuminates objects, so we can see them.


We are looking forward to our excursion towards the end of term to Kings Park to consolidate our learning of Noongar Cultural Heritage through our year 1 HASS program. Kaarta Koomba (Kings Park) is a place of significance past, present and future. We will be taking part in the Kings Park Education’s immersive program which helps to develop respect and empathy for diversity in our community. Students will learn about traditional ways of life and the value of caring for Country (Noongar Boodja-k Katitjin).

Jessica O’Callaghan and Elizabeth Kennedy

Year 1B and Year 1A

Triple P – Positive Parenting Program – places available in Warwick

The Health Dept of WA are offering a FREE program to parents, carers and/or grandparents of children between 3 and 8 years.

Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is a 7 week program Monday’s commencing 18th October – 9.30am to 11.30am.

To book a place please visit or phone 1300 749 869

Download the attached flyer for more information: Triple P flyer

Class News – Kindergarten – Week 9 Term 3

East Hamersley Campus Kindy News

This term the clever Kindy kids have been learning all about wild animals. They did some AMAZING paintings of wild animals, retold the story of The Selfish Crocodile using props at out story table and made a selfish crocodile using the concertina fold. We even ‘clunked’ the word concertina as it was a new word! We had fun building zoos for wild animals with the blocks and Duplo too and we are getting so good at working together to share and create.











Mrs McInnes

Class Teacher

Padbury Campus – News

A reminder the WCLDC Pre-primary and Year 1 students will be taking part in the Edu-dance Concert on Monday 20th September. Parents and carers are welcome to watch the concert in the Undercover area of Padbury Primary School.  Please park in the carpark near MacDonald Reserve or street parking away from the bus zones and front of Padbury Primary School. The students will bring notes home on their dress requirements for the concert and notification of the event time.

Poseidon Campus – Kindy A

In Kindy A at Poseidon we have been learning all about animals this term. Animals can be sorted into different categories. First, we learnt about farm animals, and even got to visit and feed the chickens at school. Next, we learnt about pets, and Mrs Roberts bought her pet rabbit “Pebbles” in to spend the day in our classroom. She had a great day playing with us on the mat. She was getting grumpy in her cage and thumping her feet, and much preferred to sleep on the class mat. We loved giving her a pat. Now we are learning all about wild animals and are having lots of fun retelling the story ‘Dear Zoo’ with all of our animals in their cages.





Mrs Hemadou

Class Teacher

Poseidon Campus – Kindy B

Kindy B have been very busy this term. We have been using semantic icons to help us share our weekly news based on the classroom themes. This term we have been learning new vocabulary through our themes: farm animals, wild animals and pets. We have been learning how to put these different types of animals into categories and give each category a label.

One of our focuses for this term has been ‘conversations’. We have been using pictures of places we may have visited, and we have taken turns to ask our friends where they went, who they went with and what they did there. To encourage starting a conversation we have a reward chart where the children receive a ‘conversation ice cream scoop’ when the teachers hear then independently starting a conversation.


Following on from our learning of the ‘Zones of Regulation’ the class now has a daily check in chart, where the children can place their picture in the coloured zone that reflects how they feel.

The children were very excited to be able to dress up for ‘Book Week’. We invited the LDC P.P. class up to watch our parade and Miss McDonell chose a winner, presenting them with a voucher for the Scholastic book fair. We also were invited by the Primary School Kindy class to join them at the sports carnival for their running race. The children all ran really well and had lots of fun.





Mrs Livingstone

Class Teacher

Quinns Beach Campus – Kindy A and B

Kindy A and Kindy B have been learning about animals. Mrs Paine took us on a bear hunt! It was very exciting especially at the end when the big bear gave us a shock! It was a big surprise for us because we didn’t know he was there. We didn’t think he was a scary bear so we all gave him a massive hug. This week we are starting learning about ocean animals. We read the book The Rainbow Fish. Mrs Paine pretended to be the Rainbow fish and shared out her shiny scales with us. We swam about the ocean feeling happy and excited. We loved our new, shiny scales.



Mrs de Visser

Class Teacher