Transition to Mainstream

Students exiting from the Language Centre mostly have a diagnosis of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). DLD is a language disorder that delays the mastery of language skills in children that cannot be explained by hearing loss or other developmental delays. Children with DLD are usually as able and healthy as other children; however, many have significant difficulty talking and or understanding language. DLD is a very broad category, with some children having mild problems that respond well to intervention while others have severe and persistent difficulties with both understanding and talking. Students at the Language Centre mostly fall into the group with moderate to severe language difficulties and while your child has been at the Language Centre for early, intensive intervention some language problems will persist or cause difficulties at significant times throughout their schooling. This is because DLD is a life-long disorder.

While at the LDC your children were specifically taught key areas of language and a range of strategies that aim to support them within the mainstream context. Each child’s progress through the LDC is individual with many students making excellent gains, some a moderate improvement and a few that make minimal improvement. The students who have made slower gains tend to have other identifiable issues as well as DLD. The reports, rubrics and other information provided to you give an indication of your child’s current levels.

NB: A few students exit LDC with an alternative diagnosis, generally Autism. Public schools receive funding for these students and can access support through SSEN disabilities.

Please download any of the following information you may require;

Exiting Students Parent Information

2023 Term 4 Transitioning to Mainstream letter

Parent Outreach Information Brochure 2023