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Professional Learning available

Key Language Leader Series – North Metropolitan

The focus of this series is on developing participants’ knowledge of oral language and early literacy skills along with building their capacity to take on a language leadership role within the school. Participants learn to assess and analyse language and are provided with practical strategies for addressing identified needs. This series has a strong action-learning component, so there is an expectation that participants will do additional reading and trial many of the assessments and activities between sessions. The series consists of 6 full days run over 4 terms in the first year and 4 x ½ days in the second year. The second year will have a strong focus on supporting and mentoring the language leader at the school level to ensure that knowledge is disseminated across the school. A support officer will be allocated to the leader/school for the 2 years.

District General Series

Several 2 hours sessions are conducted throughout the year from 3:30-5:30. These may include: Developing Oral Language through Play, Phonological Awareness, Synthetic Phonics and Articulation.

Resource Series

The service has developed a number of resources to address particular language areas. Each resource is unpacked through a series of professional learning sessions, which are run at a district level. The resources include:

I Get It! Comprehension Package – Involves 5 sessions of professional learning. It focuses on explicitly teaching comprehension strategies in a very concrete way and includes strategies such as whole body listening, looking for clues, inference, prediction and synthesis.

I Do It! Social Skills Package – Involves 3 sessions of professional learning. It focuses on explicitly teaching social skills including manners, co-operation, identifying and managing emotions, developing virtues and building friendship.

Kindergarten Assessment Tool  (KAT)– this is a series of language assessments which can be used in the kindergarten year to support planning and teaching in the oral language area.

Kindergarten Assessment Tool Network – (termly 3.30-5.30pm) these sessions are offered to those who have previously had KAT training and provide an opportunity for participants to share in a Q&A session along with continued professional development.

I Tell It! Narrative & Expository Text – this is a full day professional learning session that explores the foundations of narrative skills and makes the link from narrative to persuasive texts.

Critical Learning Pathway – English – this unpacks the English section of the West Australian Curriculum in terms of oral language areas with links to early literacy development.

Literature Based Unit – this is a full day professional learning session that looks at the importance of literature and stories in building language and literacy skills. It will provide activities to address aspects of language including, vocabulary, grammar, phonological awareness, narrative and writing in an integrated way.

Booking for all district run Professional Learning is through PLIS (the Department’s online booking system).