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I Do It!

The ‘I Do It!’ program creates a fictional environment or virtual world called ‘I Do It!’ park where there are many places designed for learning the social and self-management skills we need for school and to enhance day to day interactions.

Through the interactive nature of the program children can develop and/or feel more positive and successful about themselves, which in turn helps them to improve or make gains academically, behaviourally, and socially, leading to them to being more well-adjusted adults.

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At the West Coast Language Development Centre, Maths is an important part of the program. Teachers follow the WA Curriculum, adapted to individual student needs, to plan student learning programs in Maths. Programs are evidence-based and a focus is on teaching the critical skills to enable children to become successful lifelong mathematical learners.

Areas in Maths include number, patterning, measurement and geometry. Students learn key language, understandings and skills through explicit teaching and the use of hands-on materials. Children with developmental language disorder are likely to find the language demands of many maths tasks challenging. Staff teach key mathematical vocabulary to support students to become competent users of the language of maths.

Maths resources are used to meet the needs of each child. Classrooms contain a number of resources, many of which are developed by Dr Paul Swan. These include manipulatives, board games, dice, cards, puzzles and barrier games.

Dr Paul Swan

There is the opportunity for parent involvement and learning through an annual Maths classroom learning journey. Parents are invited into their child’s classroom for a session to participate in a range of Maths tasks with their child. The learning journeys enable the parents to gain an understanding of important Maths concepts and skills that are targeted at the LDC, and types of activities that help children develop these.