Speech Corner – Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day

Friday 16th October 2020 is Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day – see https://youtu.be/IfBVjXTqlUs

DLD involves difficulty with talking and understanding. The students at West Coast LDC have DLD. It affects about 7% of children (that is 1 in every 14 children, meaning approximately 2 children in a mainstream classroom will have DLD). Despite it being so common, it is a hidden disability.

Our staff and students will be wearing purple and yellow on Friday to raise awareness of DLD. Optus Stadium will be lit up in purple and yellow on Saturday.

The West Coast Language Development Centre Dojo page will have updates throughout the week leading up to DLD Awareness Day.

Students from WCLDC East Hamersley Pre Primary class have articulated beautifully in a class display – How they feel about having DLD!

Well done kids and Mrs Nash.

 Speech Pathology Team