The West Coast Language Development Centre is an Independent Public School Education Support facility that also includes the Statewide Speech and Language Outreach Service for the North Metropolitan (coastal schools) and the Midwest Educational Regions.

The centre is located over multiple sites. The West Coast Language Development Centre is a centre of excellence that provides specialised early direct intervention for students, outreach for schools and networks and research and development services in the area of speech, language and associated literacy.

Direct services for students: Intensive, early intervention

An early intensive intervention service targets metropolitan students in kindergarten to Year 1 with Developmental Language Disorder.


This service responds to the distinctive needs of public primary schools in the metro and regional areas with a focus on improving speaking, listening and literacy for students with language difficulties, difference and disorders. The emphasis is on sustainable capacity building of teachers, schools and systems to deliver high quality learning opportunities.

Research and Development

The service conducts and supports the research, development and trialing of evidence based practices for speech, language and associated literacy by establishing collaborative partnerships with schools and universities.