School Board

2019 Board Membership Table

The School Board has an established structure and charter including a defined cycle of reporting at each meeting with a focus on student data, finance monitoring and annual report certification. The board convenes on a Thursday, week 8 of every term.

The following are the board members for 2019.

Position Member Type
Executive Officer (no voting rights) Manager

Corporate Services



Shelley Blakers Staff
Outreach Deputy Deborah Silverlock Staff
Speech Pathology Representative Julia Cronje Staff
Student Program Deputy Representative Catherine Regan Staff
Student Program staff member Cheryl Priestly Staff
Student Program staff member Leah Ash Staff
Past Parent Ben & Amy Walton Community
Current Parent Laura Lambert Community
Current Parent Nadine Brazil Community
University Representative Abigail Lewis Community
Principal Representative Lyn Dawson Community
Principal Representative Geoff Smith Community
Board Chair Dawn Wallam Community