The Principals Desk

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Welcome to the first principal’s news snippet for 2020. This year we welcome 148 new students and their families to the Centre. We have 87 kindergarten student (increased from 2019), 115 pre-primary (down a class at Quinns Beach from 2019) and 121 year ones (an additional class at Quinns Beach). The new and past students have mostly settled into the routines of their new classes. It is a very busy period with lots of assessment and establishment of class routines.

Parent Involvement

We are committed to offering a range of programs that provides information and strategies that will enable parents to provide targeted support for their children and have the knowledge to advocate for them when returning to mainstream settings. The kindergarten parents have had their class meetings in week 1 and the pre-primary and year 1 classes during weeks 2 and 3. This is a time when parents learn about individual class teacher expectations, set-up and routines that relate to home-school communication. Many class teachers have parent rosters (generally not term 1 in kindergarten, and until after week 6 in PP and year 1). We also have many opportunities for parents to be involved in workshops or other activities designed to give you additional skills to support your child’s language development. This term we will have a workshop for new parents that overviews oral language. Later in the year we will have a workshop targeting reading. We will also trial a new workshop linked to our social skills/behaviour program called I Do It! This session will provide you with the key language strategies used with the students and enable you to reinforce at home. In term 4 we have a workshop for parents of students who are exiting back to mainstream. In kindy we offer sessions within each class where you can start the morning with your child. Following a brief overview and demonstration of strategies, you will then try them with your child. This is more interactive than a workshop and very practical. For pre-primary we offer Book Sharing training at each campus (East Hamersley depends on numbers) and these have already started. Outside of these times, please contact your site based deputy principals (Deborah Silverlock for East Hamersley, Sarah Arnatt for Padbury and Catherine Regan for Quinns Beach and Poseidon) if you have any concerns.

School Attendance

Student attendance at school is a critical factor in long term student success. Our students also have the compounding factor of their language disorder. Obviously if your child is unwell, they should not be sent to school. You can minimise the absences by avoiding holidays in school term times or limiting the days that you might have your child away from school. If you do plan in-school time holidays, the last 2 or 3 days of term would be less disruptive than the start of term. If planning holidays, you will need to complete the Student Non-attendance Request slip. The deputy principal for your site will review your reason for the requested student non-attendance and will let you know if approved or not. A specified reason of just ‘taking a vacation’ will not be authorised and will result in that being recorded on the attendance register. In accordance with Department Policy, parents of students who are absent for an excessive number of days will be contacted and may be required to attend a case conference.

Vacation Approval Request 

Ms Shelley Blakers