From the Principal’s Desk – Term 3

Term 3 is a busy term for staff and students. By the end of this term all the students will be rated on the Centre monitoring rubrics (grids) in preparation for the Case Conferences later this term and early Term 4. This involves significant assessment and evidence collection by teachers. The Speech Pathologists are also very busy at the moment completing some of our quality assurance assessments. This information is also analysed for trends across classes and year levels during Term 4 as part of our school-wide monitoring and planning processes. This year’s information, along with previous data analysis, will inform the Annual reporting cycle. A reminder that parents of Year 1 students will be offered an exit interview later in Term 4 (replacing case conferences).

Thursday August 15 (Week 4) we will be having a School Development Day. On this day students do not attend school and our staff will engage in professional learning. We will be looking at shared book strategies and digital technologies. Our board chair, Dawn Wallam will also be talking with staff with a focus on building cultural awareness about Aboriginal history and needs of Aboriginal students.

Later this term we will let parents know their appointment date and time for the annual Case Conferences. For all Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students, we are discussing possible exits for 2019. I remind parents that exiting from Kindy and Pre-Primary is not common. We will let parents know later this term if we think their child should exit. If we do not contact you, this means that we are recommending your child stays with us for the following year (Kindy and PP only, as all Year 1 students will be exiting).

For Kindy students staying for Pre-Primary, parents need to complete a new partial enrolment form and update details (government policy). We will send the forms home once the exits have been finalised.

The parent Book Sharing Program has now been made available to parents from all Pre-Primary classes and the feedback has been very positive.

Ms Shelley Blakers