Speech Corner – Recasting


Recasting is a strategy you can use to help your child’s language development. It involves repeating what your child has said but changing it to use the correct grammar and sentence structure.


Child – “elephant eat”

Mum – “The elephant is eating”




Recasting provides modelling of correct language for your child.


  1. Repeat what your child has said with the correct grammar and sentence structure and the correct vocabulary.
  2. Stress the word/s you have corrected by saying them with more emphasis.
  3. Slow down your speech
  4. Repeat – children need to hear language modelled many times before they can understand it and then use it.


  • Recast at any time but immediately after you notice your child has made an error.
  • It will be most effective when your child is engaged in the activity or event.

Speech Pathology Team