Speech Corner – Promoting Persistence in your child

Promoting PERSISTENCE in your child

When your child continues trying to complete a task, even when it is difficult or boring- this is called persistence. It’s important for children to understand that the harder they try, the better they will get at doing that activity. Teaching your child to be persistent at an early age has many long-term benefits, especially as demands increase in later schooling. Encourage your child to keep at it and not to give up!

You can help your child to be persistent by encouraging them to:

  • Finish an activity, such as a puzzle, even if they ask for help & are struggling
  • Not give up too quickly when playing a difficult game
  • Keep trying when learning something new
  • Finish a chore without complaining about how boring it is


Remember to praise your child when they show persistence and try to be specific, so they know exactly what behaviour you are encouraging…

  • “I’m proud of you for working so hard.”
  • “Great job, you didn’t give up even when you found it tricky!”
  • “Remember, the more you practise the better you become!”
  • “Good for you! You finished and didn’t give up, even though you found it a bit boring.”

(Adapted from: “You Can Do It!” a Social-Emotional Learning program by Michael E. Bernard, 2004)

Speech Pathology Team