Speech Corner – Prepositions

When we talk we use words that describe the location or position of objects e.g. the cat is in the box, or the book is underneath the table. These words are called prepositions. Some common examples of prepositions include; in, on, out, under, next to, behind, in front, above, over, between, around, and through. It is important for children to understand and use these words so that they can follow instructions and tell others where something is located.

Here are some things you can do to support your child’s learning of prepositions;

  • Let your child help put the dishes and shopping away. Tell them where to put each item, emphasising the preposition (e.g. “put the plates IN the cupboard”, “put the flour ON the shelf”).
  • Pick 1-2 toys to play with and hide them around the house. Have your child find the toys and talk about where they were (e.g. “the teddy was UNDER the table”, “the truck was BEHIND the couch”).
  • Play ‘Simon Says’. Give your child instructions containing prepositions (e.g. “Simon says stand NEXT TO the chair”, “Simon says put your hands ON your hips”). Give your child a turn to give the instructions.
  • While food shopping talk to your child about where food is located (e.g. “the apples are NEXT TO the bananas”, “the sugar is UNDER the flour”, “put the milk IN the trolley”).

Speech Pathology Team