Speech Corner – Extended Turn Taking in Conversations

Extended Turn Taking in Conversation

When you ask your child about their day at school, they may simply say “good”. When children give brief responses it can be difficult to keep the conversation going. The following strategies can help to extend conversation.

  • Talk about a topic that is of interest to your child.
  • Use objects (e.g. a toy, or pictures and photographs) to encourage discussion.
  • Ask open-ended questions to encourage longer responses, rather than answering “yes/no” (e.g. “what did you like about school today?” or “what was your favourite part of the movies?”).
  • Encourage your child to retell stories, talk about their favourite TV show, or explain the rules of a game to generate extended conversation.
  • Give your child thinking time. Wait a little longer to allow them to express ideas and gather their thoughts.

(Adapted from www.loveandreilly.com.au)

Speech Pathology Team