Speech Corner – Description


The ability to describe something is an important skill for your child to learn.

Using describing words to talk about colour, size, shape, function and other characteristics can deepen your child’s knowledge of words and how they are organised. Using describing words also gives the listener a clear picture in their head so they can visualise the object being described. Children first need to develop describing words in speaking and can then use them in written work such as writing stories later on in school.

Some strategies:

Play “I spy” – instead of giving the first letter of the word, gives clues such as the category, colour, size, function, shape and parts they have. (e.g. “I spy with my little eye… something that is a type of fruit, it is red, it is round and smooth, and is for eating (apple)”).

20 questions – describe a hidden picture or object, and the other person asks questions about its characteristics. (e.g. toy car “Is it a toy? Is it big? Does it make noises? Does it have wheels?” etc.).

Helping out with jobs – Let your child help when putting away shopping or hanging out the washing. Ask your child to give you items based on a simple description (e.g. Pass me something small, in a jar, and it’s red (jam)”).

Speech Pathology Team