Quinns Beach Year One A – Term One

What a FABULOUS start!

Thirteen bright-eyed, keen students make up the Year 1A class of 2020. Although greeted by an unfamiliar face which clearly wasn’t Mrs Porter, they all quickly settled done at their ‘bigger’ desks. Their positive voices of “I’m bigger so I’m not in Pre Primary now” and “I’m six so I’m in Year One” have echoed throughout the first week as they have met every new challenge and routine face on, having a go! They are already learning that “Whole Body Listening” is vital so they can do all they need to. They’ve written “Holiday and Weekend News” to accompany expressive drawings, and enjoyed Narratives about “A Mixed up Chameleon”, reinforcing the idea to be happy just as you are, and “Rooster goes off to see the world” , highlighting the comforts of a place like home. Their number brains have helped them write and count as far as they can go, and their letter/ sound brain has helped them segment and spell words. Compy has introduced them to scientific thinking with a walk around the playground to find things alive / not alive/ once alive but not now. What a busy start! Well done Super Stars of 1A! An amazing term is still to come!


Mrs Claydon (For Mrs Porter)

Class Teacher