Quinns Beach Campus – Pre Primary A

The start of the year is a very busy time in Pre Primary. We have been working hard to learn the classroom rules and routines. It has been wonderful to see the children entering the classroom independently, putting all of their things away and getting ready for the day. We love the way that they are remembering to look at the teacher with a big, happy smile and say “good morning”.


We are now becoming experts at ‘whole body listening’. We know that when we listen we need to use our ears, eyes, mouth, feet, hands and brain. In the photo you can see how we are doing wonderful ‘whole body listening’ while sitting on the mat.


We have also been learning about how to be the ‘boss of our body’. We need to be the ‘boss of our body’ to keep us safe. We know that when we are being the boss of our feet they are walking and when we are being the boss of our hands we are being kind and gentle. Look at how beautifully we are being the ‘boss of our body’ in the lining up photo. We are making sure that we are not touching others and that we are waiting patiently for the teacher.

What a wonderful start to the year.

Miss Ash and the PPA team

Class Teacher