Quinns Beach Campus News – Term 4 Kindy

Quinns Beach Kindy A and B

Kindy A and B have been learning about plants and gardens. We read a storybook called ‘The Sunflower That Went Flop’ and some information books about plants and gardens. Then we planted our own sunflower seeds. This was very exciting. It was disappointing that even by lunchtime, the seeds had not grown into a tall sunflower! We talked about we needed to plant a seed and what we had to do. We learnt the names and functions of gardening tools and equipment. We looked at some pictures of a sunflower seed growing. After talking about the pictures, we put them in the right order. Finally, we made a book to take home so we could talk to our parents about what we had done. In our Flower shop, we are learning what to say and do in a flower shop. There is even a little workshop where we practice gardening. You can see by the photos that we have been learning a lot!

Mrs De Visser

Class Teacher

Kindy A

Kindy B