Quinns Beach Campus – Kindy A News

In Kindy A we have been learning about the clothes we wear. Our oral language focus is clothing labels, functions and descriptions.

We have a clothing shop in our home-corner and our students love choosing different clothes to create their own outfit to purchase. As the photos show, before we buy we MUST try…

At-Home-Learning ideas for our clothes theme:

Play dress-ups with the family and have fashion parade. Walk the catwalk to your favourite music

  • Clothes swap – choose clothes from the wardrobe of another member in your family and try them on for size. You could role play being that person for a little while and have some light-hearted fun J
  • Pack a suitcase and dress-up for a pretend Winter or Summer holiday – focus on the different types of clothes you wear in cold and hot weather.

Please remember to take photos so that you can share them with me later on.

Anne-Marie DeCampo

Class Teacher