Principal’s News – Week 10 Term 2

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

It has been a very busy and productive term for staff and students. There have been some fun and interesting incursions across our sites. The Year 1 children at Padbury had the ‘Sticky Prick Bee Haven’ come to the school. The children learnt about the importance of bees, pollination and how we can look after our very important and precious bees. Pre-primary children at Quinns had a visit from some sweet farm animals from ‘Cuddly Animal Farm’ and they got to hold them and learn all about how to look after them. ‘Farmyard on Wheels’ came to Padbury and the Pre-primary children had a great time learning about the farm animals from Farmer Mick. These incursions were organised to help develop the children’s vocabulary and understanding linked to the Literature Based Unit on ‘The Three Little Pigs’.

Padbury Pre-primary students also had the ‘Rubbish to Resource’ education program to develop their understanding of the relationship between waste and our environment and their role in the sustainability of the Earth’s resources. Finally, the wonderful Australian animals from ‘West OZ Wildlife’ came to visit at East Hamersley, Padbury and Poseidon. The children learnt about our wonderful Australian animal’s habitats, behaviours and the safe handling of these animals. Some brave children even had the snake around their shoulders.

Staff spent the School Development Day in week 8 learning more about problem solving in mathematics. We also had Dr Trish Collins form Edith Cowen University come along and lead us through STEM which is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We looked at the integrated curriculum with a focus on inquiry approaches, technology and how to use a range of apps as well as group activities and planning. It was a great day and I am sure teachers are excited to bring some of the ideas explored into their classroom practise.

We have an extra week this term, making it an eleven-week term, there is still lots to get through and to look forward to. Reports will be published on Connect in the last week of term. Please make sure you have set up your password and log in for Connect. If you have any problems, please give the Padbury office a call on 9407 3050 and someone will assist you.

I have enjoyed my term as principal, Shelley Blakers will be back at the start of next term so I will be returning to my deputy role at Quinns Beach and Poseidon. Thank you to Sarah Armstead and Leah Ash for stepping into the deputy roles on both those sites while I was at Padbury.

Catherine Regan