Principal’s News – Week 9 Term 3

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

This is a very busy time at the school with referrals and Pre-primary and Kindy case conferences. I will be away for some weeks next term due to scheduled surgery. Catherine Regan will be acting in my position.

Year 1 Transition to Mainstream

Parents need to let us know the name of the school you are enrolling your child in for Year 2 in 2022. If you would like your child to spend a day or two at their mainstream school during Term 4, please discuss that with your site deputy.  You would also need to discuss it with your mainstream school to get their agreement for your child to attend mainstream for the transition days. There is a transition video on our website that parents can access.

Transition to Mainstream – West Coast Language Development Centre (

Next term will be a busy one with the review of students’ data and placement. Have a great holiday break with your kids.

Ms Shelley Blakers