Principal’s News – Week 9 Term 1

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Wow, this time last year we were heading into a lock down and preparing for potential online learning.


We have the following staff changes due to returning from and taking leave.

  • Sage Weall (Padbury Kindergarten teacher) is going on maternity leave. Stacey Mayberry will be taking over the class, she has had the opportunity to teach in the Kindy A class so is very familiar with the students and staff.
  • Shelley Blakers (principal) will be on leave from week 3 next term. Catherine Regan will be acting in my role. Leah Ash (Poseidon) and Sarah Armstead (Quinns Beach) will be acting deputies.
  • Julie Knight (Quinns Year 1 teacher) will be on leave for the rest of the year and Elizabeth Kennedy will be joining us at Quinns Beach, from the start of Term 2.
  • Sarah Morrey (Speech pathologist) is returning from maternity leave and will be working in the Kindergarten and Year 1 classes at East Hamersley for term 2.

Parent Program

Next term we will run the Parent Book Sharing Program for Pre-primary parents at our Padbury and Poseidon sites. It involves parents committing to using books with their child as a vehicle for talk with the focus on the child talking. You will be provided with training on how to follow the child’s lead and using commenting and open ended questioning. We provide the books to the participants. Information has been sent to parents. This program is very effective and parents have provided very positive feedback.  Make sure you apply for a spot.


The staff have been very busy collecting data and setting goals for each individual student. The process takes several weeks and has been compacted due to the reduced weeks this term.  The goals will be sent home to you at the end of week 9. If you have any questions about the goals set for your child, please contact your class teacher.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday break with their children.

Ms Shelley Blakers