Principal’s News – Term 4 – Week 6

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Reminder; the WCLDC Staff Development Day is on Wednesday 24th November, NO WCLDC students at school.

We have completed the referral and placement process, and all new parent workshops. From 177 referrals, 148 students were placed for 2022. It is pleasing to be able to place this many students. In 2022, we will have an extra pre-primary class at East Hamersley. Other campuses have the same number of classes although at Quinns Beach we will have three Year 1 classes and only two pre-primary classes. We are looking forward to working with all new families and children next year.

We are working very diligently on examining the collective student data. We have spent two staff meetings looking at mathematics and social skills. On Wednesday, November 24th we have a school development day (no students attend that day) when we will be looking at code-cracking skills (decoding and spelling), reading comprehension, writing and oral comprehension.  The final staff meeting is about narrative. A summary of the findings will be in this year’s annual report.

It is a very busy term for all staff as they complete some assessments, work on end-of-year reports and complete transition letters that will be sent to mainstream schools. The children are still working hard and we have some fun and exciting events coming up on the school calendar.

You will have received a text with a link to the booklist for 2022. Please make sure you order online by the 3rd Of December as any orders done after that date may incur a late fee. We will also make the booklists available on our website.

Catherine Regan