Principal’s News – Term 2 Week 3

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Welcome to term 2. This is an eleven-week term and there are lots of fabulous things to look forward to across all campuses. Keep an eye out for notices on Seesaw and in the newsletter so you don’t miss out.

The student goals for the semester went home at the end of last term. The Kindergarten class teachers and speech pathologists had meetings with parents to discuss the reporting process. At the end of this term all children will have a semester report that will be published on Connect. New parents will receive information about how to access Connect in the next few weeks. You will be sent an invitation by email. We will let you know when this will be coming, but it is important to note that the email will come from the following address:  as it may end up in your junk folder. Existing parents should already have access to Connect. If you have any problems, please give the office a call (08 9407 3050) and we can assist you.

There is the ‘Book Sharing’ program running this term for parents of pre-primary children. Due to Covid restrictions the dates may have changed on your campus so please keep an eye out for information about these changes.

Class photos are coming up in week 4. Photos are taken across the 4 sites over three days. Please make sure you read the information that is distributed carefully to ensure you avoid disappointment. If anything changes, we will let you know.

The School Development Day this term is Tuesday 8th June after the W.A. day public weekend. There will be NO SCHOOL FOR WCLDC STUDENTS on this day. Staff will be involved in professional learning. Students will be back at school on Wednesday 9th June.

Although we need to make sure we follow health and safety advice, such as keeping our distance, wearing masks when required and washing hands let’s hope that there are no further lockdowns and we can get on with life at a relatively normal level.

Ms Catherine Regan