Principals’ News – Term 1 Week 9

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

As we move to the end of Term 1, we are still battling the increasing numbers of Covid and the impact it is having on classes within the school. We have minimised the impact on staff as all are wearing masks all day. Thank you to parents for informing us of positive cases in children and or family members. Please continue to let us know until the end of next week and when we start again in Term 2. If you or your child tests positive during the school holidays, just let Health know. You do not need to let the school know.

For Term 2 there will be some modifications around parents coming on school grounds. Parents/carers still need to drop students at the door and leave and mask wearing guidelines have not changed. We can have parents attend special functions at school, such as case conferences, class meetings and sporting events provided guidelines are met and capacity rules are adhered to. At this stage we will continue with online parent programs until our case numbers drop. We will have face to face case conferences.

The staff have been very busy collecting data and setting goals for each individual student. The process takes several weeks and has been compacted due to the predicted impact of Covid. Once you receive your goals if you have any questions please contact your class teacher.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday break with your children and that you stay Covid safe.

Ms Shelley Blakers