Principals News – Parent Letter 26 March 2020

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

Today the Premier announced whilst all public schools will remain open until the end of term, families are strongly encouraged to keep their children at home if they have the capacity to do so.

I would like to share with you what this will mean for our school community:

Monday 30 March to Friday 3 April

  • All children who attend school will be taught as normal.

Final week of Term – Monday 6 April to Thursday 9 April

  • Students who attend will be supervised, but not taught normal lessons.
  • Teachers and education assistants will prepare teaching programs for Term 2.

Term 2 – commencing Tuesday 28 April

  • At this stage, arrangements for Term 2 have not been finalised. The State Government is working on developing a longer term education model for Term 2 and beyond in response to COVID-19.

What we will be doing?

  • For next week
    • For children who attend school, a learning program will be provided. This is particularly for workers with no alternative care support for their children.If your child is not at school Monday, we will assume that you have care arrangements in place. If you are keeping your child home because they are sick and will be at school once recovered, please let us know.
    • For those not at school, we will be sending you a 2-week package that you can use through the mail on Monday.
      • If you need your child’s stationary supplies, please let your class teacher know and you can organise to pick these up from your class.
  • For week 10, (leading into the holidays), children of workers that do not have alternative arrangements can still attend school. For this week the children will be supervised while staff prepare for term 2. Be assured, we will have activities for the kids and will make it as fun a time as possible.
    • A couple of parents who work closer to a different site (work near Padbury but their child goes to Poseidon) can drop their child at the site close to work (please let us know first).

The important thing is that learning is maintained as we move into term 2. Please complete the ICT survey (if not done already) because this will allow us to plan what that might look like.

We are here to support you and teachers and the school wants to stay connected to you. Hopefully, through technology, the kids can stay connected to each other.

Part of my planning has included what roles different staff members will play. For example, for some children the speech pathologists may run small online group sessions, for others some 1:1 sessions with you to help with ideas at home. Week 10 will allow us to work in more detail on these plans.

The most important thing is the social/emotional health of your children (and yourselves). Take time to breathe and develop your plans. If kids need to be at school next week while you sort this ut, send them. We will have a team (including Emma McFarland and our school psychologist Graham Goodall-Smith) that will send tips and ideas to you on an ongoing basis. Let your teacher know about any concerns and she will pass this onto the team.

Your support through this time has been greatly appreciated. We need each other more than ever in these times. I know many of you are dealing with the work reality concerns as well as the reality of supporting your children. As you set up at home, create a school zone and play zone (if you can). Make sure that the kids feel like they are on holidays (once this starts). Tents in rooms, pretending to be at the beach.

Please be assured that when I receive further information I will provide details to you as soon as I can.

Kind regards

Shelley Blakers          


parent letter 26 March