Principal’s News – Letter to Parents

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

I thought I would update parents on the numbers at school and those who will be at home for week 3. Out of 321 students we will only have 30 working on packages from home. The students at school have all settled back into the routines. They are enjoying the face to face teaching as well as socialising with their peers. The parents of at-home students are welcome to change their minds and send the kids to school. Just contact us first.

The at-home packages will be picked up by the courier tomorrow morning and should arrive at the homes by Thursday PM. Someone will be in contact with you on Friday (this week) or Monday (next week) to check on the arrival of the packs and to answer any questions. You can also send a message to your teachers via class DoJo.

Throughout the package there are links to online resources. Some of these are from the general Web, others have been created by us. So that you can just click on these sites, the relevant documents will be emailed to you (as well as the print copies).

You will be required to send information about some of the activities back to us (via DoJo). We look forward to receiving this. For the Pre-primary and year 1 students, the book that you will be listening to and doing activities from is the same book being used for the at-school learners.

Some doctors and nurses in Queensland have written a story called ‘Birdie and the Virus’ that is available for viewing online. You might like to use this with your children. The link is below.

A Copy of the Letter; parent letter 5 May

Thanks for your ongoing support.


Shelley Blakers