Principals News – Letter to Parents 31st March

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

Hopefully the packs have arrived today or will arrive tomorrow. I have asked the teachers to contact each of you by phone to check your Connect connection and to see how you are going. Also, they will provide you with some information about what to do from the packages. There will be enough work for most children for about 3 weeks.

Some parents were not able to open the link I sent yesterday. I am providing it again. Hopefully it works this time. I have checked it and it works from my computer.

It will be important to provide your child with movement breaks. Joe Wicks has some online support that takes kids through some physical education lessons. The link below is the article about what he is doing.

The link below is to the YouTube page. Hopefully this is useful for you.

Stay safe.

Kind regards

Shelley Blakers


Please find attached a copy of the Letter to Parents and Carers.

parent letter 31 March