Principal’s News – Letter to Parents

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

I hope you have had a great break over the holidays with your children. Thank you for communicating your intentions for returning your child to school or to continue with at-home learning. We have around 80% of students returning to school. These students will receive a face to face program with their class teacher in the morning. Some classes with lower numbers may combine in the afternoon to free up teachers to support the home learning students.

I want to reassure all parents that the school environment is safe for kids. To maintain health standards, additional cleaning staff have been employed for during the day cleaning. If those keeping their children at home change their minds, please contact the admin office. It would be great to see all students back at school.

Your site deputy has communicated the procedure and times for drop off and pick up at each site. Please follow these as they have been negotiated and set with each mainstream principal.

For students learning from home, continue with the package that was sent last term. We will send you new packages during week 2 for weeks 3 and 4. For week 1, if you have any questions about the work and how this should be completed, please DoJo your class teacher.

From week 2, the at-home contact teacher for Padbury and East Hamersley will still be the class teacher. For Quinns Beach it will be Sarah Armstead and for Poseidon, Pauline Acott.

As you know, the situation is quickly evolving. If there are any changes, I will update you.

A Copy of the Letter:  parent letter 28 April

Thanks for your support.

Shelley Blakers