Principal’s News – Letter to Parents

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

This is the last communication for this term. Thank you to the parents who have let us know about your child’s need to be on at school and for what days. We have sent a letter about those arrangements to you individually. Please remember that if you have not let us know about your child and coming to the school site next term, you must communicate with the office before you send or bring your child to the school site. All of our sites will be open but staff may be working out of different sites so you may not see your class teacher.

The following is critical information for term 2:

  • The packs that we sent home (and some have now collected because of postal issues) can be used until the end of week 2 in term 2. The teachers will communicate with you via Class DoJo daily. Please respond to the teacher daily so that we know that you are using the program. If you need additional activities or ideas, let them know and they will provide some for you (electronically).
  • For week 3 you will receive a new pack with some information booklets and documents that will be used throughout the term, including writing booklets for PP and year 1. The pack will also include individual teacher information that will be used for weeks 3 and 4.
  • During weeks 1 and 2, teachers may try an online session with you to see how this will work for weeks 3 onward.

We have created YouTube channel and are making many different clips as lesson and models for you. The teacher will send you the links to these to view as part of the lesson sequence.

  • For students at school, they will be following the same program with additional activities for the afternoon. For those attending on some days and not others, we will work out next term if the packages need to travel from home to school or if we just have a second copy for school.

The school term starts on Tuesday April 28 2020 for students at home and those at school.

With this letter I am sending a document developed by one of our teachers about fine motor and gross motor (big movement) activities. You may want to locate what you need at home or order materials online. Kmart is great and cheap.

Have a great break with your kids. It will be a different holiday with restricted movement. Make is as fun as possible. The weather for Easter is looking great, so soak up the sunshine.

Please find attached a copy of the letter. parent letter 9 April

Please find attached a copy of Fine & Gross Motor Activities. Fine and Gross Motor Activities

Kind regards

Shelley Blakers