Principals News – Letter to Parents 1st April

1 April 2020


Dear Parents & Caregivers,


Nothing new to report today. As the teachers are phoning you, we are very encouraged by your support and encouragement. Over the next few weeks, you can use the information in the packs at times and days to suit you. The important thing is to be with your kids. Spend time doing things like

cooking or gardening. Talk about what you are doing. You could even turn tidying their rooms into a game and focus on words like in, on, on top of, folding.


Play School is great for our kindies and PPs. Talk to your kids about the shows. Read to them. In this time of self-isolation have grandparents, aunties and or friends ‘face-time’ reading a book (try and get a break for yourself).


It is at these times of crisis that we are often at our most creative. Use some of your recyclable items for craft or building. When I was a kid I loved creating a tent by covering the table with blankets, it was like my own little world. Mum would call me and I would pretend not to hear.


The important thing is to stay safe. We are working through the options for moving forward (I have plans for several options). Once we get clarity from Central Office about what will be happening moving forward, I will let you know.


Stay safe.


Kind regards

Shelley Blakers