Principal’s News – Letter for Parents

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

I hope you are all managing at home. It can be very difficult juggling home and now school work as well as your own work (in some cases).

The staff have been working very hard on information that will be sent to you for use from week 3 onward. As I have said, for weeks 1 and 2, use the packs and teachers can provide you with additional activities through DoJo during weeks 1 and 2. They will also trial Webex sessions. Thank you for the appreciative comments that have been streaming in.

We are working on some tips that you might find useful for setting up a designated ‘learning from home’ space. This will be sent via the packs but also uploaded onto our Website. We have added a closed section were you can access documents that we are sending to you. Once it is available I will send you the password.

We are planning for next term to be very disruptive. Once we hear from the minister (hopefully tomorrow) about how long we may need to be offering both home learning and onsite support, I will communicate this with you.

Many parents have let us know when they need their child to be at school because of work commitments. I am aware that home situations and needs can change, if they do, please contact me about these changes. For the start of term 2, if you have not informed us that your child needs to be at school, you must do so before dropping them off. For those who have informed us of their need for their child to be at school, we will let you know where to drop them off. We ask that you just ‘drop and go’ and ‘pick up and leave’ to minimise the numbers inside the buildings. Also, all food, including fruit must be in lunch boxes. The children will not be sharing fruit.

As we move to the holiday period, enjoy some fun times with your kids. Play School have made an episode about Covid-19 that you might find useful. See the link below.

We really appreciate the support that we have had from all of you. We have an amazing staff and parent community who are pulling together at this time.

Please find attached a copy of the letter. parent letter 8 April

Kind regards

Shelley Blakers