Principal’s News

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Referrals and Placement

We have completed the referral and placement process, and all new parent workshops. From 170 referrals, only 13 students have not been offered a place for 2021 (1 kindy, 4 pre-primaries and 8 year 1s). The kindy and pre-primary students could have been placed at other sites but parents were not able to travel. It is pleasing to be able to place this many students. We continue to place the most students each year across all Language Centres.

Assessment and Data Analysis

We are working very diligently on examining the collective student data. We have spent two staff meetings looking at listening comprehension and social skills. On Wednesday November 25th we have a school development day (no students attend that day) when we will be looking at code cracking skills (decoding and spelling), reading comprehension, writing and maths. The final staff meeting is about narrative. A summary of the findings will be in this year’s annual report.

It is a very busy term for all staff as they complete some assessments, work on end of year reports and complete transition letters that will be sent to mainstream schools. Due to COVID 19 restrictions, we are hoping to put the information session for parents about transition online.

Although the end of the school year is drawing nearer, it is not too late to pay your Voluntary Contributions. 55% of Kindy parents have paid with pre-primary (52%) and year 1 (75%). We need to report to The Department of Education Central Office and Treasury the percentages collected. These contributions enable us to provide additional resources that supports your child’s learning.

Ms Shelley Blakers