Principal’s News

In Term 3, Week 4 the WCLDC is having a School Development Day – Thursday 13th August and there will be NO SCHOOL FOR WCLDC STUDENTS. Staff will be attending professional learning sessions on that day. Back to school Friday 14th August.

* Immunisation:

Children enrolling in and enrolled in pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten must be up to date with all scheduled immunisations for their age and the information must be provided to their school to be able to attend.

Parents/carers can access their child’s Immunisation History Statement by:

  • phoning the Australian Immunisation Register enquiries line on 1800 653 809
  • visiting Medicare Online through the MyGov website
  • using the Express Plus Medicare app
  • visiting their local Department of Human Services Centre.

When you have a copy of your child’s immunisation details or an approved medical exemption, please send to our school officer at as soon as possible.

*Birth Certificates:

A reminder- if you have not provided your child’s birth certificate at enrolment, please send a copy to your child’s classroom teacher or email a copy to:

 Immunisation details and birth certificates are MANDATORY for enrolment in a Western Australian school.

 Dear Parents/Caregivers

Term 3 is a busy term for staff and students. By the end of this term all the students will be rated on the Centre monitoring rubrics (grids) in preparation for the kindy and pre-primary case conferences later this term and early Term 4. This involves significant assessment and evidence collection by teachers. The Speech Pathologists are also very busy at the moment completing some of our quality assurance assessments. This information is also analysed for trends across classes and year levels during Term 4 as part of our school-wide monitoring and planning processes. This year’s information, along with previous data analysis, will inform the Annual reporting cycle.

Later this term we will let parents know their appointment date and time for the annual case conferences. For all Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students, we are discussing possible exits for 2020. I remind parents that exiting from Kindy and Pre-Primary is not common. We will let parents know later this term if we think their child should exit. If we do not contact you, this means that we are recommending your child stays with us for the following year (Kindy and PP only, as all Year 1 students will be exiting). A reminder that parents of Year 1 students will be offered an exit interview later in Term 4.

For Kindy students staying for Pre-Primary, parents need to complete a new partial enrolment form and update details (government policy). We will send the forms home once the exits have been finalised.

On Tuesday August 4th it was Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day. The DOTT teachers were working with the year ones on Tuesday and the pre-primaries on Wednesday focusing on this day. It is important we all understand the collective history and wisdom of our First Nation’s People. It is unique to Australia that we have the oldest living culture on the planet, this is important to both acknowledge and celebrate. As a people, our Aboriginals understand and know our land and why our plants and animals are so unique. Their collective wisdom can guide us on how to live and care for the land and animals (and ourselves). The children will be read a book written by Thomas Mayor and beautifully illustrated by Blak Douglas. Sharon Giltrow, one of our teachers, knows Thomas and organised for him to do a book reading of the book (thank you Thomas). Thanks also to Dawn Wallam (a Noongar Elder and our board chair) for donating the book. The message is one that every person that calls Australia home should hear and understand. I share this link with you below. The book is called ‘Finding our Heart’ and is a story written for students about the Uluru statement. This statement was written following a gathering of our First Nations People at Uluru in 2017.

You may also want to watch an excellent Playschool episode about the Acknowledgement of Country that we use when we gather together.

The link below explains the day further.

Ms Shelley Blakers