Principal’s News

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

In Term 3, Week 4 the WCLDC is having a School Development Day – Thursday 13th August and there will be NO SCHOOL FOR WCLDC STUDENTS. Staff will be attending professional learning sessions on that day. Back to school Friday 14th August.

As I reflect on the roller coaster of term 1 and early term 2, it is hard to believe we are nearly back to normal operating conditions. We have had our first joint staff meeting since February and the next School Development Day will be the first time all staff will be on the one site since the beginning of term 1. That will be a day to celebrate. Online does not replace everything. As I reported to the board last week, the level of support and collaboration by the staff was outstanding and the support we received from our parent community was empowering.

We are not able to have large groups onsite so the ‘drop at the door’ procedures will be in place for a while yet. The children are becoming a lot more independent, which is good to see.

We are also able to have incursions, excursion and activities such as Edu Dance which is great for the kids. School photographs are also booked in.

Parent Program

We will be doing WebEx (online) sessions for the next Book Sharing Program for the Quinns Beach and East Hamersley Pre-Primary parents. Please register your interest. Any spare spaces will be offered to the Padbury parents on our wait list.

The sessions will be recorded so if you miss a session, you can catch it up before the next one runs. It is important that you return the book bags so that you can receive a new pack.

Last week we also sent a communication about Parent Workshops that can be viewed online. These Videos answer What is Language? They are a recording of the term 1 workshops. And are in 2 parts.

Part 1 – Language and Developmental Language Disorder (13 minutes, plus video links). Available via this link

Part 2 – Areas of Oral Language (29 minutes). Available via this link


Krystal Marino (Kindy A teacher from Padbury) finished work at the end of last week and is on maternity leave. Isabelle Hemadou will be covering both classes. She is a very experienced LDC teacher.

With the easing of within state travel restrictions and the opening of attractions such as the Zoo, this mid-year holiday should be much more enjoyable than our last.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday break with their children. Stay safe.

Ms Shelley Blakers