Poseidon Year One A

Year 1A have had a fabulous v start to our school year. The children have been learning the routines, expectations and structure of Year 1 as well as getting to know each other and Mrs Rowlett. Mrs Hardwick, Mrs Keehan and I are very excited for our term of learning.

In Mathematics, we have been focusing on number and place value. We have been practising forwards and backwards counting to 100 and will learn how to skip count in 2s, 5s and 10s over the next few weeks.

In Science, the Year One’s and Compy have been learning about how to be scientists. They have discovered all the special clothes (coats and safety glasses) that scientists wear and the special equipment (magnifying glasses and tweezers) they use. They know that scientists love finding answers about our world, and how things work. As a class we decided to become scientists and look for clues, ask and answer questions and make predictions. We used our magnifying glasses and went searching for clues. We found many living and non-living objects like rocks, sticks, bugs and trees.

We have been working hard in Year 1 and have such a busy term ahead.

Mrs Hayley Rowlett

Year 1A Class Teacher