Poseidon Campus News – Kindy Term 4

Poseidon Kindy A

We have been very busy in Kindy A this term. With Mrs Keehan we have been learning to sort into categories. We played a fun game where we had a big box of lots of things from the clothing group and had to sort them into different sub-categories such as; shoes, hats, shirts, pants, belts and bag group. The children had to say what group they were putting the item of clothing into before racing off to the correct group. It was lots of fun, and they could even help out at home by sorting clothes or dress-ups into the same sub-categories, or washing into lights and darks, or summer and winter clothes.


In maths we have been practicing working out how many are left (subtraction). It was fun to play bowling and work out how many pins were left standing. We worked out that if we got a strike and knocked all the pins over there were 0 left.

Finally, we have been learning about all the leisure activities we do for fun. We made kites all by ourselves and got to fly them outside on a windy day. Even Mrs McInnes and Mrs Douglas were surprised how well our paper kites flew. It has been a very fun-filled term of learning.

Mrs McInnes

Class Teacher

Poseidon Kindy B

Kindy B have been very busy, very muddy and very wet this term! The Messy Mud Day was a wonderful opportunity for the class to squeeze mud between their toes and fingers, and to run through the Water Fun Day obstacle course the following day was just as good.

During weeks 4-6 we learnt how transport helps us travel, and we sorted vehicles into three groups- air, land and sea. Concept Cat helped us understand what ‘altogether’ means when we are counting two amounts, and in cooking we made a train that tasted delicious! There is a campsite set up in our home corner, as our theme is ‘Leisure’, and we have been brainstorming activities we do when we are not working. The Kindy class enjoyed role-playing the narrative ‘Maisy Goes Camping’ in the tent and toasting ‘marshmallows’ around the campfire.

Mrs Williams

Class Teacher (for Mrs Willis)