Pre Primary

‘Let’s Book Share’

Focus: effective book sharing

This program teaches parents effective book sharing strategies to support their child’s expressive and receptive language development – in particular, vocabulary and comprehension. The sessions are cumulative and additive, in that one new strategy is introduced in each session.

During the sessions parents engage in a presentation, watch a video modelling the strategy, and engage in an activity to practise applying the strategy to a book from their book bag. The parents borrow a different book bag in each session, which includes five books and examples of the strategies applied to each book, to support the parents in implementing the strategies during book sharing practise at home. The parents practise the strategies cumulatively over the program, and by the end of the program practise integrating all strategies during book sharing with their child at home.

The Let’s Book Share program involves five sessions which are run fortnightly across a Term – the program series are generally run in Term 2 and Term 3. The sessions are presented in-person and are also offered online (without book bags) as an option for parents who are unable to attend in-person.

A sample of parent feedback:

 Here is what some of our parents have said about the Let’s Book Share program:

“I can’t imagine I’d ever revert back to the old way of reading a book.”

“It made me feel confident about sharing books with my child”

“It is as if a new world opened up for me personally in terms of reading books to my children. I am so excited to read and share books with them now.”

“It is invaluable to help my children and creates a lot of engagement”

“I thought the program was fantastic – highly recommended – it has changed book reading at night and has benefited my children a great deal.”

“It has transformed the way I think about reading to my child.”

“I think it’s great for parents to gain these skills. My children love being read to even more now.”

“Great program. The information was practical and easy to do at home.”

“We are both much more engaged during the story. My child loves reading the books over and over again”

“It makes reading more fun and my child will stay for the whole book now”