‘Let’s Talk’

Focus: language facilitation strategies

This program teaches parents key strategies to facilitate and support their child’s expressive and receptive language development. Each session focuses on one language facilitation strategy to support parent learning and provide cumulative learning over the course of the sessions.

The sessions are run by an LDC speech pathologist and involve a short presentation, including video modelling of the strategy, followed by in-class support for parents to practise using the strategy with their child and ask questions. The parents then practise the strategy and have the opportunity to discuss any questions or issues with the speech pathologist in the next session.

Let’s Talk sessions are presented in-person in Terms 1-2 of the school year. The frequency and number of sessions is determined by the class speech pathologist, based on the presenting identified needs and language difficulties of students within each classroom.

A sample of the invitation sent to East Hamersley parents in 2023:Kindy parent programme 2023 invitation letter