Children referred to the LDC are offered a place as they are identified as having a Developmental Language Disorder. DLD is a neurodevelopmental condition. It is a developmental disorder and may have lifelong implications which impact significantly on school learning.

A small percentage of children referred to the LDC may also present with other developmental difficulties that may not be evident prior to school entry and referral to the LDC. The reason why these difficulties become obvious once a child is in school is because the demands and structure of the school environment can result in underlying difficulties becoming more apparent. Examples of such difficulties include attention problems, behavioural difficulties, motor difficulties, sensory difficulties and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

If the LDC has concerns that other factors may be impacting on your child’s ability to learn it will be recommended that follow up assessment is pursued. The purpose of further assessment is to develop a better understanding of your child’s learning in order to appropriately provide intervention.

Students placed at the LDC will stay anywhere from 1 to 3 years. Most students who start in Kindergarten will need to stay for three years. Those starting in Pre-Primary will mostly stay for two years.

View and download a copy of the Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) Information leaflet