Bus Service

Students who attend a Language Development Centre (LDC) operated by the Department of Education are normally eligible for Transport Assistance in respect to travel to the nearest such facility within the Transport Catchment Area defined for that centre.

Please visit the School Bus Services website for information about eligibility for your child to catch a school bus.

Boundary Map and Information

The boundaries for each school site bus service are decided by SBS and are not necessarily linked to the school boundary map. The SBS map is available for download on their website.

The bus driver will contact those that are accepted for the service the following year. The drivers will give pick up times and check your contact details as well as provide their own. You will need to contact the bus driver any time the child is not or will not be on the bus for any trip.

The West Coast Language Centre does not have any control over the bus or conveyance allowance so please direct any questions or queries to SBS.     

For further information download a brochure about the bus service.