Classroom News – Year One A classes- Week 3 Term 1

East Hamersley Campus – Parent Morning Tea

Parent/Carers are welcome to join the East Hamersley staff and P & C for a meet and greet morning tea on Tuesday 23rd February from 9.00am to 10.00am; in the East Hamersley Staff Room. Students have taken a note home which you can tick the appropriate box and return to school.

Poseidon Campus – 0-4-Year-Old Stepping Stones to Kindy Program

Commencing on Thursday 18th February – every Thursday 0-4 year olds are invited to join the Poseidon PS Stepping Stones to Kindy Program. Children must be accompanied by a parent. Please see the attached flyer for more information or ask at the Poseidon Primary School Office.

0-4 Year Old Stepping Stones to Kindergarten

East Hamersley Campus Year One News

Welcome families to the new school year. Year One presents a big change from Pre-primary with the children having one adult in the room for the majority of the time, meaning they are working more independently.

Our class has settled into their new routines and have adjusted wonderfully so far, I’m very proud of them.

We have spent the first few weeks getting to know our new classmates and teachers and have also had the chance to practice working in small groups doing math, language, social skills, art and games; as well as working as a whole group to draw pictures like a scientist, investigate what’s different between a story book and an information book and we can now tell a fantastic “Little Red Hen” story all together.

We will be learning about living things this term in Science through books, videos and our own experiments. How exciting!

Please accept the invitation sent home to join Seesaw as I will use this app to communicate with parents throughout the year and share your child’s work with you.

I’m looking forward to a fabulous year of learning with you and your children.





Mrs Vladich

Class Teacher

Poseidon Campus – Year One A

Year 1A have had a fabulous start to our school year. The children have been learning the routines, expectations and structure of Year 1 as well as getting to know each other and Mrs Rowlett. Miss Ash, Mrs Dyer and I are very excited for our term of learning.

In Science, the Year One’s and Compy have been learning about how to be scientists. They have discovered all the special clothes (coats and safety glasses) that scientists wear and the special equipment (magnifying glasses and tweezers) they use. They know that scientists love finding answers about our world, and how things work. As a class we decided to become scientists and look for clues, ask and answer questions and make predictions. We used our magnifying glasses and went searching for clues. We found many living and non-living objects like rocks, sticks, bugs and trees.





We have been working hard in Year 1 and have such a busy term ahead.

Mrs Rowlett

Class Teacher

Quinns Beach Campus – Year One A

Year 1 has had a very busy start to 2020. We have enjoyed getting to know all the members of our class and learning all the classroom routines. We have practised our whole body listening and have learned how to be the boss of our body when lining up and walking around the school.

We have enjoyed feeding ‘Max’ the Monster and playing Bingo while trying very hard to put sounds together to make words.

We can’t wait for our first excursion later in the term too!

Mrs Knight

Class Teacher