Padbury Campus – Pre Primary A News

We have had a busy start to this term. We are settling in well, learning the rules and routines of Pre-Primary and meeting new friends. In science we have been learning about materials and their properties. We looked at some of our favourite toys and talked about what materials they were made from. We noticed that our toys were not made of glass or paper. Lots of toys were made of wood, fabric, plastic and some had metal. We talked about why we should not make glass toys. It would not be a good idea because they could break. And teddy bears & dolls would not be cuddly if they were made from metal or wood.

We are looking forward to the upcoming Science Alive incursion about materials and their properties.

Our pop-up clothes shop home-corner has been up and running. We have some characters including shop keepers, a money person and customers. We greet the customer, help them to choose something to buy, pay for the item, pack it into a bag and say farewell. It was fun to play in the shop!

We have been talking about, drawing, painting and having a go at writing about our weekends. We are working on including when, who, where and an emotion. Have a look at our fantastic efforts.


Miss Nguyen – Teacher, Mrs Valentino – Speech Pathologist, Mrs Giltrow – Teacher & Mrs Holmes –   Education Assistant.