Padbury Campus News – Kindy Term 4

Padbury Kindy A

Kindy A have been learning about sea animals. The students have been very interested and there is so much to do and learn! They enjoyed drawing and painting great white sharks, and we tried fluid painting, to look like the ocean, and cut out dolphin shapes to make a pod. We have also been learning the story ‘Grandpa and Thomas and the Green Umbrella’ and learning about emotions such as: upset, angry and excited. Everyone has enjoyed the beach corner during ‘role play’.

I have had a fantastic year with Kindy A; it has been a pleasure teaching and getting to know them all. Thank you students, staff and parents for making our classroom such a happy and positive environment; I have enjoyed every moment. J

All the best for next year!

Mrs Marino

Class Teacher

Padbury Kindy B

The year has nearly come to an end and what a wonderful year it’s been. The children have learned so much and feel proud of their achievements, as are the staff. The children are especially good at following instructions, waiting for a turn, working in a small group with others and using friendly words. They really can ‘Do It!’

Lately we have been experimenting, just like real scientists, making predictions (guesses), and recording what we have found out. We experimented with objects to see if they would float or sink then circled the pictures to record the ones that floated and put a cross through the pictures of the items that sank.


As scientists, we each made a plan for a box work construction of a transport vehicle, recording how many boxes and wheels we would need. Then Mrs Dooley helped us to work out what kind of ‘fastener’ would work best; glue or sticky tape. See how proud we were of our work!

May we take this opportunity to wish all of our Kindy folk and their families a safe and happy holiday time. Thanks for leaving us with wonderful memories of our year together. Best wishes for Pre-Primary everyone, you’re going to love it!

From Mrs Hill & Mrs Dooley

Class Teacher and Education Assistant