Padbury Campus – New Office Building Works

LDC have been allocated a transportable admin building which will be sited between the staff carpark and the kindy demountable. The installation of this building will require uninterrupted site access via the staff carpark between Thursday 29th October and Friday 13th November (inclusive).

To avoid damage to vehicles, staff are asked to park on the oval at Statewide Services during this time. Access to this oval is via the driveway on Giles Ave close to the end of our school oval. Please refrain from parking on the verge on Macdonald Ave.

Parents and Carers

Please park in the carpark near MacDonald Oval next to the Care for Kids Day care Centre or on Giles Avenue – DO NOT PARK ON MacDonald Avenue at the front of the school, as trucks and workers will need access to all areas of the site works and new building.

 We thank you for your patience during this time.

WCLDC Admin Team