Padbury Campus – Deputy News

Please Note: The new phone number for the WCLDC Admin Office is 9407 3050, the Student Absences Text Number is still the same 0438 975 891.

Padbury Deputy News

Thank you to families for your understanding and support over the last few weeks with ever-changing plans. At the Padbury Campus we now have 95% of students back and receiving face to face teaching. It is wonderful to see how happy and settled students have been upon returning to school. Staff and students have done an amazing job of adjusting back to school with new routines and procedures in place. Thank you to parents and carers for adhering to the drop off and pick up procedures. This has resulted in a cohesive start to the school day and we are seeing a greater independence in students.

At this stage all previously planned excursions, incursions and assemblies for this term are not going ahead. We will advise you if and when these restrictions are lifted.

Even though school staff cannot yet meet in person with parents, feel free to contact your child’s teacher, speech pathologist or myself if you would like to arrange a phone meeting to discuss any aspect of your child’s schooling.

Mrs Sarah Arnatt

Deputy Principal- Padbury Campus