Letter to Parents – Social/Emotional Feelings

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

It’s been a little while since I sent a letter home and things have changed significantly in that time!

Today I want to talk about “after school restraint collapse” (meltdowns or a LOT of big feelings) that can happen when your child gets home after school. The current drop-off restrictions mean that children are having a quick goodbye. For a lot of children this is working well but there may be some who struggle with the change of routine and not having the time or ability to express their feelings when saying goodbye. What this can mean for some children is that they are bottling these feelings up and you might be seeing the release of feelings when you get home.

I just wanted to reassure you that if this is happening it is because you are your child’s safe place – they have been “keeping it together” all day and can freely express their emotions when they’re with you.

If you’re seeing these things with your child here are some tips to manage it:

      – If your child responds to it, lots of hugs at pick up

     – Reassuring words, e.g. “I know it’s hard”

     – Play together when you get home

     – Have snacks ready in case your child is hungry after school (big feelings can feel even

worse on an empty stomach!)

    – Bridge the connection – when you say goodbye, tell your child what you will be doing when you are next together.

If you’re looking for more information, KidSpot has an article on their website


I’ve also included an infographic from a local Occupational Therapist about separation anxiety.

Please download a copy of the letter for the information; Social Emotional Letter to Parents 27.05.20


Emma McFarland                                                    Shelley Blakers

Social/Emotional Leader                                       Principal