Letter for Parents – Quinns Beach Campus

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

As of today, Tuesday 28 April, we have 76 students returning to LDC classes at the Quinns campus, and 21 learning at home.

School Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

The Premier has advised that parents/carers are not to be on school sites. Below are the protocols for parents/carers when dropping your child off in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon.

Drop off time: 8:20 am – 8:35 am. Please see the list below for the gate that you need to drop your child at and collect in the afternoon.

Pick up time: 2:45 pm. A staff member will dismiss your child to you in the afternoons. Please wait in your allocated area.

• Ensure you maintain at least a 1.5m distance from other families.

Class Drop off/pick up area for parents

Mrs DeCampo

Mrs deVisser

Kindy gate next to classroom on Sirius Ramble

Ms Ash and Mrs Benbow

Gate nearest PP classrooms on Sirius Ramble
Year 1 A and B

Mrs Knight and Mrs Porter

Gate nearest PP classrooms on Sirius Ramble
Year 1 C Ms O’Callaghan Gate near Birak building and parent carpark off Santa Barbara Parade

If you are dropping your child off late (after 8:50am) or picking your child up early (prior to 2:30pm) please phone the office on 9401 5433. Please do not go to your child’s classroom or the office. A staff member will meet you at the allocated parent area. If you need to drop anything to the office (e.g. forms, medication) again phone the office and a staff member will meet you.

Sick Students

If your child is unwell for any reason (e.g. cough, temperature, fatigue, sore throat, nasal congestion, headache, gastro symptoms) please keep your child at home. The same will apply to staff, with unwell staff staying at home. If your child appears unwell at school, we will call you to collect them (in your allocated area).

Safety Measures

Additional safety measures at school include:

•All students hand washing for 20 secs multiple times during the school day.

•Encouraging students not to touch others at all times.

•Additional cleaning, including disinfecting hard surfaces and play equipmentthroughout the school day.

•No assemblies or excursions.

•Where possible, spacing students apart in the classroom and for eating times.

Class Dojo

Please ensure that you are connected to your child’s Class Dojo. This will be the main means of classroom communication this term. Contact the office if you are unable to connect to Dojo.

We will continue to keep you updated with the latest information. Thank you for your support.

A copy of the Letter and Site Map: Letter for parents at Quinns Beach 28-4-20

Yours sincerely,

Catherine Regan

Deputy Principal