Kindergarten Assessment Tool (KAT) Network Session – Oral Narrative

Monday 2nd September 2019 from 3.30 – 5.30pm at the Training Room in our office at the rear of East Hamersley Primary School.

This session is open to anyone who has attended the KAT Training PD Sessions since 2012 at no cost.

The session Includes:

  • Information on the development of Oral Narrative skills
  • Administration of the two Oral Narrative subtests – including showing the JAR Administration Video.
  • Analysis & Scoring of the Oral Narrative Subtests
  • Strategies/resources to address areas of need (with a focus on oral narrative skills)
  • Queries / questions about the KAT Excel Class Summary Sheets (i.e. the KAT Excel Spread Sheets)
  • Goal Setting using data provided by attendees (individual / small group / whole class) related to ANY subtest of the KAT (if participants bring data)
  • Answering of any other queries / questions (which can be related to ANY of the KAT subtests)