From the Deputies’ Desks

East Hamersley Deputy News

Thank you for your patience and adhering to the new school drop off policy. A letter has been sent home, please check in clip boards, that highlights the guidelines for continued drop off and pick up at East Hamersley. With the 100 people maximum limit in mind, we are not in a position to permit all parents/carers access to classrooms for pick up and drop off until the Phase 4 Operating Guidelines for WA Public Schools lifts this restriction.

The School Principal, Glen Bewick, has decided to create a roster for parents to drop off and pick up children at the classroom door, if they choose to do so. This roster will ensure that we will not be in breach of the Phase 3 Operating Guidelines for WA Public Schools. The LDC day is Wednesday. (please see letter for clarification)

I have been very impressed by the independence demonstrated by our PP and Yr 1 children over the past term, this has led to a very smooth start to each learning day. If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher, please remember to contact our main office on 94073052 to make an appointment or via class DOJO.

Assemblies and incursions are still cancelled until further notice, hopefully Term 3 will bring a return to normal activities.

Kind Regards

Mrs Deborah Silverlock

Deputy Principal – East Hamersley

Padbury Deputy News

Thank you for your patience and adhering to the drop at the gate policies. Great news, parents and carers will be able to ‘drop and go’ in the morning – at the classroom door of the class room from Monday 8th June, and collect from the classroom door in the afternoon. This will be another step forward in helping the students to be independently back at school.

Drop off time is 8:30-8:50, and pick up time is now 2:40-3:00. PPB, PPC and year one classes need to use the outside classroom doors (not wet area) for drop off and pick up. (Notes have been sent home). 

The only time a parent can be onsite for an extended period of time is for a formal case conference. It is preferable that teachers have phone meetings with parents. 

Mrs Sarah Arnatt

Deputy Principal- Padbury Campus

Poseidon and Quinns Beach Deputy News

It is great that things are slowly getting back to some sort of normality and children are back at school. I have been so impressed with how they have all come back so positive and happy.

I live across the road from a park and during lockdown, I saw so many more families out and about, riding bikes, playing football, throwing frisbies. It was fantastic and great to see familes doing so much together. If you found yourself doing more with your children outside, don’t stop doing it! Keep riding your bike with the kids and walking the dog together. Getting kids and ourselves away from screens and getting some free air is so important and so necessary to develop social skills. Playgrounds are open again soon so make sure you head to the local park and have some fun.

Ms Catherine Regan

Deputy Principal – Poseidon and Quinns Beach Campuses